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There’s no more decent a cask ale than Wadworth 6X - an honest pint, whose admirable qualities are appreciated by beer drinkers throughout the land. Distinctive and full-bodied, 6X exemplifies good taste through and through.

We sell Wadsworth’s beers including the brewery’s flagship ale ‘6X’, which comes straight from the wood. In addition we serve Henry's Smooth (Wadsworth’s smooth ale) and offer a choice of four lagers, two ciders and Guinness on draught.

The wine list, which is reasonably extensive but perfectly manageable, has something for everyone — prices range from £13.00 - £35. You also have a choice of wines by the glass.

Wine List

Every now and then we take on guest beers: of late some of the more popular guests have been………
House wines: we offer a choice of four reds and four whites priced at £13.00 a bottle, which are also available by the glass at £3.40 (175ml) or £4.60 (250ml).
Wadworth's two working horse-drawn dray - a popular sight in Devizes every weekday morning.