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The Lamb Inn is a magazine born to help you familiarize yourself with the wonders of traveling to Marlborough, Wiltshire. Our articles focus on tips for travel lovers, including accommodations, emblematic places, and even related websites.

Who is Ben Johnson?

Ben Johnson was born in Marlborough, Wiltshire. At the age of 5, his parents moved to London with him, teaching the little boy to pursue his dreams. The kid’s world was divided between the capital and his beloved hometown. As time went by, Johnson developed an interest in both places’ history but focusing always on Marlborough.

Discovering Himself

After high school, our funder won a scholarship to study advertising, getting a marketing degree at the age of 25. Ben immediately got a job in a digital marketing company, as a scheduling clerk, since he had zero experience at the moment. He never thought he could combine his love for Marlborough city with a developed city like London.

Thanks to that job experience and all his efforts, the company gave him the amazing opportunity to finance a magazine. There, he could portray his interest in making his home town widely known by everybody.

A New Future Arrives

Ben moved to Marlborough in 2014, where he was able to connect with his roots launching a magazine that gives tourists proper tools when deciding to come by.

The Lamb Inn became a project to talk about the city’s history, inviting tourists to explore it. It has a reader-friendly interface and dedicated teamwork that offer quality content.

Our Goals

The lamb inn is compromised to offering hotel-accommodation reviews, and activities to do in Marlborough. It also provides our visitors with travel tips, tourist guides for getting to know the area, and discounts on lodging plans.

Do not forget you can visit our subscription section to discover the offers we have for you. Collaborate with us by studying the travel world of The Lamb Inn, a magazine that promises to make its mark on its way to success.