Wiltshire – 7 Places to Go Sightseeing in Marlborough

Marlborough is an ancient city steeped in history, wherever you go every place has a background containing enigmatic legends. If you decide to visit this wonderful city in the state of Wiltshire, check out our list detailed and discover the must-see venues.

Wilton Windmill

The Wilton Windmill is located about 9 miles south of Marlborough and is the only working Windmill that produces ground whole wheat flour in Wessex. A perfect venue for learning about history then and now. Currently, visits are guided by …

… volunteers from the Wilton Windmill Society, any contribution will be for the maintenance of its facilities.

Marlborough High Street

Marlborough High Street is the second widest main street in England, which is adorned by the XVII-century Victorian town hall on the head. Its buildings date from the reconstruction of a city that was burned to ashes and then rebuilt. In this street, you will find shops on both sides as well as passages that take you to the Kennet River.

Savernake Forest

Savernake Forest belongs to the Marquis of Ailesbury, being the only private forest in Britain. But why is it worth visiting on your way to Marlborough? Besides its free entrance, for the XVIII century trees. The majestic Big Belly Oak dates back 1,000 years.

Near Tottenham House, you can find The King Of limbs tree that is the same age and gave its name to the 2011 Radiohead album.

Avebury Manor & Garden

This manor dates from the XVI century and its rooms have currently been redecorated with five styles from different eras, Tudor, Queen Anne, Georgian, Victorian, and XX century. Visiting this venue means entering into another world, tourists are even allowed to use the furniture in the manor.

Silbury Hill

Located on the same geographical site as Stonehenge, Silbury Hill is the highest man-made mound in Europe. Measuring 40 meters high and 160 meters wide, its exact purpose of creation is still unknown, as there are no graves in it. You cannot miss visiting this enigmatic site built over 100 years around 2350 B.C.

Marlborough Open Studios

If you are an art lover, you should go by Marlborough Open Studios. It’s a community that brings together the trades of local artists, including ceramics, photography, jewelry, painting, textiles, and engraving. Check their website for open hours and visit it during July to explore its galleries and workshops.

St Peter’s Church

In 1970, this old parish church became a café and a craft store where you can find all kinds of handmade gifts, from bags to toys and clothes. It was formerly a Saxon church and after the Norman 1460 invasion, it was given a more Gothic style. You can appreciate this architecture piece on your way through Marlborough.

After touring these places, travelers can get a perspective on how the world was centuries ago. Wiltshire is a state worth visiting for its iconic landscapes and parks. Don’t forget to check the availability of venues when deciding to explore these magic corners of the world.